Leased Lines vs Fibre

We all want super fast internet that doesn’t interfere with our working lives. There’s nothing worse than a file which takes an age to send, or your video call freezing on an unflattering image – ugh! So, what’s the fastest internet option? Dedicated internet to your business via a leased line means that your internet […]

person using laptop

Not another one! Another day, another acronym

You can’t learn the telecoms language on Duolingo, unfortunately. So we’re here to tell you what one of the latest acronyms, SOGEA, really means. What does it stand for? Single order generic ethernet access If you’ve not got what it is from that, we really don’t blame you. What is it? Due to the switch off […]

parent working from home

Working from wherever you blooming want.

To be in for a chance of recruiting the best candidates, one of the biggest demands from employees is now freedom and flexibility. So, can your business offer that? 2020 taught businesses a lot of things, capability of employees working from home was probably #1. Now that people have had a taste for it, they […]