What’s new? Get up to date on the latest additions to the world of tech!

The world may move fast but the tech industry moves faster. Lucky for you we’ve got you covered on all of the latest developments.  First up, NASA released coloured satellite images! They are the first full-colour images and are the result of more than 20 years and billions of pounds worth of engineering and work.  […]

Office working at the desk

Solutions made simple!

We agree, there isn’t enough time in the day to complete all of the tasks we need to! Allow us to take one huge task off your hands. From support to cyber security we do it all and truly believe it shouldn’t be a burden to your business. Protect your network with the correct software […]

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Grab a cup of tea and get to know us!

You are most likely used to reading our blogs which are about telecoms developments, broadband we have on offer or even explanations of all of the crazy acronyms we use within our industry. We want to introduce you to Pheonix also known as us to show you what we as a business do and the […]

Workplace Setting with collaborative work taking place

Our easy hardware solutions!

Connecting and collaborating is an integral part of any business no matter what sector you’re in. We understand any time you can get back to focus on the real job in hand, is pretty priceless. That’s why we offer all your IT and communications requirements, from start to finish. Our service is based solely on […]

Meet Kim!

Meet Kim Thompson! She has recently had her one year work anniversary with us. Find out more about her below. Job role: Head of Transformation Length of service: 1 Year Proudest moment at Phoenix Group: Winning an unexpected award New Partner of the Year Award   What is the best part about working for Phoenix Group: Everyone working […]

Office 365: productive, secure & cost efficient

If you’re looking for a solution for your business which can be tailored to each employee, and where you only pay for what you need, you’re looking for Office 365. We won’t bang on about people working from home and how it’s ‘the new norm’ or ‘the way we work has changed’… yawn! But what […]

Meet Zara!

We’re helping you to get to know our team better! This month, Zara has answered our questions. Thank you for all that you do and we love having you as part of the team Zara! Name:  Zara Rose Job role: Accounts Assistant Length of service: 7 months Proudest moment at Phoenix Group: Attending the ceremony when Phoenix […]

How to ride the wave

We’re all coming to terms with the face that Covid-19 will continue to be part of our ‘norm’ going forward. As unfortunate as it is, we need to adapt to a new way of working. In and out of the office. Staff members isolating at home, precautions to keep people safe. So we thought we’d […]

Welcome back to work!

As we head into yet another uncertain year at work, we wanted to let you know we’re here if you need any help with your business set-up. We’ve been in and out of the office like yo-yos. Work from home. Back to work. Work from home… This doesn’t need to be a logistical nightmare for […]

Get to know us – George

We think it’s super important that you can get to know us better. That’s why each month we’ll be shining the light on one of our very talented team members. Starting with our lovely George! Get to know him below… Name: George Neale Job role: Sales Consultant Proudest moment at Phoenix Group: being part of […]

Does your printer do everything you need it to?!

When it comes to printers, we know what we’re talking about. But did you know that printers can now have software updates, so that you’re always using current technology?  The Ricoh IMC Range offers just that.   You might be thinking – aren’t printers a thing of the past? You could be right to assume that, […]


Leased Lines vs Fibre

We all want super fast internet that doesn’t interfere with our working lives. There’s nothing worse than a file which takes an age to send, or your video call freezing on an unflattering image – ugh! So, what’s the fastest internet option? Dedicated internet to your business via a leased line means that your internet […]

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Not another one! Another day, another acronym

You can’t learn the telecoms language on Duolingo, unfortunately. So we’re here to tell you what one of the latest acronyms, SOGEA, really means. What does it stand for? Single order generic ethernet access If you’ve not got what it is from that, we really don’t blame you. What is it? Due to the switch off […]

parent working from home

Working from wherever you blooming want.

To be in for a chance of recruiting the best candidates, one of the biggest demands from employees is now freedom and flexibility. So, can your business offer that? 2020 taught businesses a lot of things, capability of employees working from home was probably #1. Now that people have had a taste for it, they […]