Does your printer do everything you need it to?!

Olivia Rawson on December 2, 2021

When it comes to printers, we know what we’re talking about. But did you know that printers can now have software updates, so that you’re always using current technology? 

The Ricoh IMC Range offers just that.  

You might be thinking – aren’t printers a thing of the past? You could be right to assume that, but printers can now work directly with your devices and document management platforms such as SharePoint and Google Docs. So it’s not all about word documents and printing notes to stick on the office dishwasher… 

Not only that – but the Ricoh IMC Range is incredibly easy to use, which is something we haven’t always been able to say about printers. The 10.1” Smart Operating Panel makes the printer super easy to use and the buttons and actions are now really straightforward. 

It also works backwards. It’s no longer sending things to the printer, now you can send a whole host of paper documents to your devices or The Cloud – to keep on top of all that admin.  

So why choose us? 

We offer businesses printers as a service, meaning we can help you with everything you need when it comes to your printer. You won’t be left in the dark, we’ll be there to help you set everything up and give you a tour of how it all works. Plus, we offer short-term contracts (DaaS), which are perfect for businesses migrating back into the office, needing to upgrade or downgrade their printers. 

Plus, we only use original parts on the printers. Meaning it lasts longer and does the job to the best of its potential. 

And better than all of that – if you have a problem, we’ll either try to fix it remotely or dispatch an engineer within 4 hours. So you will never be without it for long. 

Sound good? Speak to us about your next office printer!