Not another one! Another day, another acronym

Alex Halsall on August 27, 2021

You can’t learn the telecoms language on Duolingo, unfortunately. So we’re here to tell you what one of the latest acronyms, SOGEA, really means.

What does it stand for?

Single order generic ethernet access

If you’ve not got what it is from that, we really don’t blame you.

What is it?

Due to the switch off of traditional BT phone lines in 2025, SOGEA is a replacement product for places that cannot get fibre access just yet. If you can’t, we feel your pain! 

In theory SOGEA is a broadband service which supports modern (internet based) phone systems and your internet solution too. So, it’s one single order for everything that you need. Wherever fibre is not available, SOGEA will be. 

How fast is it?

SOGEA offers similar speeds to fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), yes, another acronym… It’s download speeds are up to 80Mbs, faster than standard broadband.

What else?

  • You can keep your existing number
  • You only have one line to maintain 
  • It’s cost efficient

If you don’t have fibre available in your area but know that you need a solution before the ISDN switch off, get in touch with us, we promise to speak in your language!