Working from wherever you blooming want.

Alex Halsall on July 29, 2021

To be in for a chance of recruiting the best candidates, one of the biggest demands from employees is now freedom and flexibility. So, can your business offer that?

2020 taught businesses a lot of things, capability of employees working from home was probably #1. Now that people have had a taste for it, they expect it, demand it, crave it. And to get the best people, it’s not all about the best salary these days, it’s the culture of the business.

Working from home can mean many things:

  • Bad internet – video calls glitching, large files taking ages to send
  • VPN connection slowing you down
  • No desk phone to get hold of your team on
  • Investing in new software while the old lays dormant in your office

But we can solve all of those problems. Our hosted voice and collaboration platforms allow your employees to work from, or well, wherever they blooming want. Whether it’s a café, at home, on the train, or in a villa in Portugal, your team can collaborate whenever you need to. 

Alongside that, our fibre broadband and connectivity products will allow home workers to work effectively and securely over our VPN and SD-WAN solutions.


Put simply, we swap out the old with the new. Some older technology was purpose built for office-based work. Now, you need the flexibility for both. Whether it’s moving your file storage to the cloud, having a softphone app to make calls on your laptop, or even just setting up your team with business mobiles, we’re here to help. 

If you want to employ the best of the best and get the most out of your team, talk to us about how your team can work from anywhere.